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 aventris eSales AG
D-80469 München

Phone + 49 (0)89 – 85 63 54 30

Dr. Markus Dirr

Chairman of the Board
Christophe Meeus

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Munich, Register of Companies (HRB 245552)

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VAT ID No.: DE 268 569 425


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aventris eSales AG assumes no liability for incorrect descriptions or other false information on the websites of events that it does not organize.

aventris eSales AG wants to offer you an Internet program that is innovative and informative. Therefore, we hope that you like our creative design as much as we do. Nevertheless, we hope you understand that aventris eSales AG has to protect its intellectual property, including patents, trademarks and copyrights, and that these websites cannot give any licenses for aventris eSales AG's intellectual property.

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The website of aventris eSales AG contains links to other websites. We check these websites with reasonable care. However, aventris eSales AG is not responsible for the content of the websites to which we link. aventris eSales AG is also not responsible for the content of websites that link to or make reference to us.

The following therefore applies to all links: "aventris eSales AG has no influence on the design and content of third-party Internet websites. aventris eSales AG therefore expressly distances itself from all content on all third-party Internet web sites, even if the aventris eSales AG website features links to these external sites."

This declaration applies to all links posted on our website and to all content at all websites reached via banners and links on our website. It also applies to all websites of aventris eSales AG including all social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Xing, etc.

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